“If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It”

Stan has given decades of his life to helping others with exercise-based projects. He has set up a Tai Chi class which is still running after twelve years.

” Tai Chi has been beneficial for maintaining good spinal posture, spinal flexibility and avoiding anxiety”
said Stan, who also believes that Tai Chi improves oxygen circulation and maintains strength and stamina.
Stan recently completed a twelve mile walk in aid of a local Hospice and finished tenth out of eight hundred participants, which was unintentional, since Stan wasn’t out to be particularly competitive!
Stan is a great believer in walking, having set up and helped to manage the popular “Walking Friends Portsmouth”   which is now in it’s eighth year (as of 2016).
Stan has also found yoga helpful, having engaged in this exercise for over two years.
By varying his exercises between fostering dogs who are trained up to help with people suffering with post traumatic stress disorder, aqua aerobics, walking groups and Tai Chi, Stan is keeping fit and healthy, despite having joint replacement surgeries.
Stan’s mantra is
“If you don’t use it, you lose it”​