Coccyx Pain

The tailbone, also called the Coccyx, is a bony structure found at the base of the vertebral column. It is actually four bones fused together. Despite its size, it is one of the most important parts of your body as it incorporates multiple muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Along with the Ischial Tuberosities (also known as the ‘Sit’ bone), it helps you support your weight while in a sitting position.

Because of the tiny size of this bone and its delicate position it is common for it to become strained or injured, which can be very painful. This condition is called Coccydynia—it can affect individuals of all ages and either gender, however, some groups will be more susceptible. It is largely prevalent in people over 40, with obesity is another huge contributor. Pregnant women also often find they have symptoms of Coccydynia toward the end of their final trimester.

The condition is caused mainly by trauma to the coccyx area, perhaps through:

If you suffer from Coccydynia you will often feel shooting, sharp aching pain in the lowest part of your spine when you sit, move from a sitting to standing position or exert any pressure on the coccyx area.

Treatment options

Here is what you should do to control the pain and work towards long-term comfort: