Thou cold sciatica, cripple our senators, that their limbs may halt as lamely as their manners

Rosie Jones, Osteopath at Swansea Body Kinetics, Swansea, describes the painful symptoms of sciatica and what osteopathy has to offer As you can see, Shakespeare wasn’t amused by sciatica in the slightest. Sciatica is a condition referring to the pain experienced from the entrapment of a nerve root (the nerve as it exits the spine) in […]

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Does waiting for surgery affect the success of the operation?

A group from Derriford Hospital in Plymouth looked at the association between 109 discectomy operation and the duration of symptoms before the surgery. They wanted to know whether people with a shorter duration of symptoms tended to have a more successful outcome from surgery. The study showed that, statistically, it probably does not make any […]

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Whiplash! How a chiropractor helps

Chiropractic Consultation – Whiplash; What To Expect! Mr Daniel Rhys Morgan, DC, MChiro, LRCC, Chiropractic  specialist based at the Beaches Chiropractic in Port Talbot, writes about whiplash Whiplash is a commonly discussed topic amongst health care providers today, discussing everything from best treatment protocol to delayed onset. It has even been discussed amongst those of the […]

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